Meet The Coolest Dads, the community-owned crypto inspired by Elon Musk!

This project will be run by the community and a team of experts that specialize in meme token hypes with top noch & effectice marketing skills. Join us to make this the next big thing. We have what it take and all we need is you. Welcome to The Coolest Dads Fam.

Owning a Cool Dad NFT gives you many benefits besides the ownership itself.

For example, as The Coolest Dads NFT holder, you will get access to an exclusive membership community, where not only that you will be surrounded by likeminded individuals, but you will also get the latest updates from the NFT world, daily tips and signals on trading NFTs successfully from real crypto-experts (so that you might make some extra ETH money), you will be part of many giveaways, and much more!

In other words, your NFT Coolest Dads  will definitely grow bigger!


The Coolest Dads 

This project was born from the idea of generating value beyond being just a cryptoactive and we believe that one of the ways to bring a real benefit to society is to focus on mitigating child vulnerability (in all its axes), through collaboration with associations in charge of managing the logistics of this work.

We not only think of investor benefits, we also go with this idea of change.



When is the next drop?


Drop times vary, but you can expect waves of 4-6 Cool Dad’s, 2-3 times a day. Keep an eye out here and on for drop notifications.


What happens if I cannot get a Cool Dad and all 222 editions run out?


If you are unable to purchase on the first mint listing, you are always welcome to buy second-hand at:


How much do TheCoolestDads cost?


Initial listings are usually set at 0.05ETH. (Please note the last 20 editions will be auctioned off to the highest bidder rather than a usual FCFS basis)

Meet The Team




Tech Development, Artist


New Yorker


Artist & Chief Illustrator 


Just Funny